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 Product Description

XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus is specifically designed for people pursuing the ultimate lithium-ion battery charger. There are four main functions of the VP4 PLUS DRAGON: battery pack and lithium-ion battery charger, refresh/test modes, battery internal resistance test, USB output. It can intelligently distribute power when charging your 11.1V/3s battery packs, Li-ion/Ni-MH batteries and USB mobile devices simultaneously. DRAGON can also precisely test the capacity, voltage, and internal resistance of batteries. DRAGON isn't just a charger, but it's your personal battery doctor.


- VP4 Plus charger
- 12V/3A adapter
- Pair of probes
- 3A car adapter
- Charger pouch
- Manual
- Warranty card


Compatible with almost all your batteries.

1. 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR: 10440  14500  14650  16340  17335  17500 17670  18350  18490  18500  18650  22650  25500  26650  32650
2. Ni-MH/Ni-CD: AAAA  AAA  AA  A  SC  C  D
3. Battery Packs: 11.1V/3S battery packs

Charging your 11.1V battery pack evenly and fully.

DRAGON can charge your 11.1V/3S battery pack with 1.0A current in a balance way to make sure that all batteries of your battery pack can be fully charged. When charging the battery pack, use the supplied wall adapter. 

[ 3 Optional Currents ]

0.5A/1.0A/2.0A charging currents you can choose.

Optional charging currents maximize the battery lifespan. You can charge four 32650/D size batteries at the same time.

CH1 & CH4: 0.5A/1.0A/2.0A
CH2 & CH3: 0.5A/1.0A

Test and Refresh

[ TEST Mode: Charge-Discharge-Charge ]

Accurately test the real capacity of your battery as a battery cabinet.

Comparing the discharge and charge capacities, you will know the condition of your batteries. Largest discharge capacity will mean the real capacity your battery can hold. Compared with nominal capacity, this confirms whether your battery capacity is overstated.

*Battery Cabinet: a professional instrument which can accurately test battery real capacity by the process as charge-discharge-charge.

[ Intelligent Detection ]

Personal Battery Doctor.

With a pair of probes, DRAGON can precisely measure the voltage and internal resistance of your battery just as a multi-meter does. Batteries with smaller resistance can have a bigger currents, so testing is important. 

[ RECORD Function ]

Check and compare the test records of batteries whenever you want.

Built-in micro memory card will automatically save the test records of discharging and charging capacity when DRAGON finishes the process of TEST mode. The last 80 times records will be stored for your checking them at anytime. 

[ REFRESH Mode: Discharge-Charge ]

Eliminate memory effect of Ni-MH batteries.

In REFRESH mode, DRAGON can maximize the capacity of Ni-MH batteries by discharging to eliminate the memory effect. It can also test the general capacity of Li-ion batteries quickly.

USB Output

[ USB Output Function ]

Charge your mobile devices with suitable currents.

DRAGON with max 2.4A output current can intelligently provide suitable output currents to different external 5V USB devices. Battery used on any slot can provide power for external devices (e.g. powerbank). 

[ Power-Path Management System ]

Batteries, battery pack and the external 5V USB device are being charged directly from the adapter simultaneously.

When the power is connected, external devices will be charged directly from the power instead of the batteries, so the battery could be more durable. When the power is not connected, the charger and inserted batteries will be used as an power bank to provide current for the external devices.

Basic Function

[ High-quality LCD Screen ]   

LCD screen displays all information you want.

Charging current
Battery & Battery Pack Status

Battery capacity percentage
Battery types and channels
Battery voltage
Battery resistance
3S Pack/USB Output status

Humanistic phonic reminder.

Remind you when the battery is reverse polarity or when the operation is finished. You can also double click to turn off this voice reminder as you wish. 

Three colors of LED indicators show your batteries status.

Red light: recognizing / activating / charging. 
Blue light: discharging / test mode / refresh mode / USB output status.

Green light: standby mode / charging finished / reverse polarity. 

Enjoy the professional with simplicity.
Various functions with three simple buttons. You can operate all functions easily by three simple buttons.

Temperature regulation keeps the charger-heat impressively low during fast charging with 2A.

Revive damaged (low voltage) batteries.

Bring your over discharged batteries back to life. 

Accurate cut-off voltage, quick charging and never over charge batteries. Safe, Durable and Peace of Mind.

CE, FCC, RoHS certified
2 years warranty

Extra-low safe input voltage
Temperature monitoring
Flame retardant material
Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
DRAGON Specification


 Product Videos

XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus Charger Promo Video
  • XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus Charger Promo Video
    XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus charger - Your Personal Battery Doctor, i...

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 Product Reviews

  1. Just... wow!

    Posted by Rick on 2nd Sep 2017

    I'm not shy in my opinions - I love Xtar chargers. Years ago I started with an Xtar WP2 II (which is still working great) and their 2 year warranty policy has kept me with Xtar all this time. That, and correct performance and functions.

    So why buy this charger? If you really want to know what is going on with the status of your batteries - especially as the batteries are aging out - then you want a diagnostic charger like this. RTD has done a great job of listing the many functions of this charger so there is no need to repeat that info here. A very thorough review of the technical aspects and performance of the charger has been done at: http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20Xtar%20VP4%20Plus%20Dragon%20UK.html

    Some of the points I like about the Dragon:

    The battery bays can easily accept just about any size battery from as short as 340 to as long as 720. A lot of "Core" chargers can't fit 700 length batteries which are coming on the market. Something to look at when picking a charger.

    I no longer waste time deciding if older batteries are worth bothering with. When charging in TEST mode if the battery is charging to significantly lower than it's rated MaH capacity then it's on it's way out. And if the DIScharge capacity reported by the charger is even lower than that then the battery is performing poorly. It really is useful information.

    Since we are a multi battery household the ability to diagnose and charge lithium, NiMh and NiCd batteries is a big plus.

    The USB port for charging devices is a nice addition, but keep in mind it's output is going to vary depending on what else is going on. In other words, if you are charging 4 batteries at 1 Amp, and you are expecting a fast 2 Amp charge output from that USB port for your phone at the same time - that isn't going to happen. Then again, I didn't get a diagnostic charger for it's cell phone charging capabilities anyway.

    Bottom line: If you want to know more about the useful remaining capacity of your batteries this is a great charger. If you are the "I don't care I just want to stick batteries in a thing." type then the features here are overkill for you.

    Me? I love it1

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