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Nitecore i8


Nitecore i8 Specifications: 8 channels Selectable amperage - .5A x 8, .75A x 4, 1A x 4, or 1.5A x 2 Red/Green LEDs show the charging status of each cell Dual USB output allows you to use the charger as a power bank and charge other...

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OPUS BT-C3100 V2.2


OPUS BT-C3100 V2.2 ● NEW LED back light displays charging / discharging / quick test / circuit more clearly in the dark● New refresh mode can show you batteries capacity● The charging current can be selected to be 200mA, 300mA, 500mA, 700mA or...

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$89.95 $75.00

XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus is specifically designed for people pursuing the ultimate lithium-ion battery charger. There are four main functions of the VP4 PLUS DRAGON: battery pack and lithium-ion battery charger, refresh/test modes, battery...


Xtar VP4


Introduction: XTAR VP4 is an intelligent four channels completely independent lithium ion LCD battery charger. Charging current can be adjusted automatically according to different channel, the user can also manually choose the current by the current...

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Xtar VP2


Xtar VP2 Battery Charger. Feature: ●Three charging current options (0.25A/0.5A/1.0A) ●Three charging voltage options (3.2V/3.6V/3.8V) ●Charge for 10440/14500/14650/16340/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/22650/25500/26650 3.0/3.2V, 3.6V/3.7V, 3.8V Li-ion...

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Xtar SV2 Rocket

$32.00 $26.00

The all new SV2 Rocket Charger is the first lithium-ion and Ni-MH charger with an unprecedented charging speed. It takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge two 2500mAh 18650 batteries! It also provides a small charge current of 0.25A for smaller capacity...


Xtar VC4

$29.90 $20.00

IntroductionXTAR VC4 is not only the upgraded version of both VC2 and XP4c chargers, but also the combination of our principle to keep making progress and taking the responsibility for the safety and environment protection. The VC4 can recognize/...

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Xtar VC2 Plus Master

$24.00 $17.00

Xtar VC2 Plus Master Includes: - XTAR VC2 Plus Master charger- USB charge cable- Retail packaging- Premium pouch- User manual- Warranty card Features: Countdown timer for each bay showing the time it needs to be fully charged...

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Xtar ANT-MC1 Plus


The XTAR ANT-MC1 Plus Charger is an upgrade to the MC1 Plus charger. It is a portable USB mini charger with a 1A maximum constant current and a tiny blue LED battery indicator. Compared to the original MC1 charger, you can charge an 18650 as...


Xtar MC1 Plus


The XTAR MC1 Plus Charger is our latest portable USB mini charger with a 1A maximum constant current. Compared to our original MC1 charger, you can charge an 18650 as well as other lithium-ion batteries at twice the amperage. The MC1 Plus features...

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Xtar MC1


Xtar MC1 Battery Charger. Features: ● Reverse-polarity and shortcircuit protection circuit ● Three-stage charging and 0V batteryactivation ● Micro USB port to supply power for the charger/includes cable ● Adopts IC temperature monitor, avoid over...

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Xtar MC2


Features: 1.Charge two batteries simultaneously and independently. 2.Intelligently identify input power and automatically adjust suitable charge current(0.25A/1.0A). 3.Applying to Micro USB interface for power supplying makes charging flexible and...


XTAR MC6 Queen Ant 6-bay

$25.90 $20.00

XTAR MC6 Queen Ant 6-bay charger Essentially a 6-Port version of our extremely popular MC1/MC2 series, the QUEEN ANT can charge 6 Li-ion batteries at the same time while it is still portable and cost-effective. It can automatically distribute the most...

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Xtar WP2S


Xtar WP2S Compatible with 10440/14500/14650/16340/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion battery -USB output function -Reverse-polarity, short-circuit protection -LED state indicators -Low heat design -Special charger cover design -No need...

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Xtar WP6 II


Xtar WP6 II   * Six independent charging channel for 10440/ 14500/ 14650/ 15270/ 16340/ 17670/18350/18500/18650/18700 battery.  * Algorithm charging system (CC/CV)  * 6 spacers  * Real-time battery monitoring system...

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