Acrylic Cloud Chaser

Acrylic Cloud Chaser


Acrylic/PEEK™ Cloud Chaser Hybrid

It's like jewelry for your mod!
The acrylic line of Cloud Chasers are once again revolutionizing vaping, as Cherry Vape marries function with style, beauty with quality. And they're all made in the USA.
Perfect as a present for anyone who vapes -- or collect them for yourself!
~ Features a PEEK™ plastic friction fit core and base (tolerates high temperatures and deflects heat)
~ Exclusive design withstands acrylic coming loose from base
~ Lifetime manufacturer's defect warranty
~ Our friction fits feature the biggest 510 drip tip hole on the market!
Amethyst (dark purple)
Lilac (light purple)
Rose (pink)
Ruby (red)
Citrine (orange)
Yellow Pearl (yellow)
Emerald (green)
Sapphire (dark blue)
Blue Topaz (light blue)
This beautiful, substantial drip tip is slightly larger than the others in the cloud chaser line. It's a hybrid, made from the gorgeous acrylic Cherry Vape is famous for. The center core and base are made of PEEK™ plastic to tolerate even higher heat than ever, which also acts as a heat guard to prevent lip burn.
We designed this tip to friction fit--there is no o-ring so there's no choking the air flow.
Find out yourself why vapers all over the world agree that the Cloud Chaser helps them win cloud competitions! Now, they'll have style too!


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