About Us

Hello!   And welcome to RTD Vapor.  Our company is a family run business that began in 2010.  We are focused on providing high quality products, fast shipping, and great prices.

      Our featured products are AW batteries.  We believe they provide the highest quality with a proven track record since 2005.  We aquire our AW batteries directly from AW so you are guaranteed an authentic product.

      All of our products are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  We also order our batteries in appropriate quantities so that they are not sitting on the shelf for extended periods of time.

     We believe in the products we sell and trust  you will be happy with the quality of the selection we provide.   We have a very high commitment to customer service and want you to enjoy your shopping experience with RTD Vapor.

     Thank you for visiting RTD Vapor.



Randy Davis

Owner-RTD Vapor